The Jamlady Cookbook

By Beverly Ellen Schoonmaker Alfeld
288 pp. 8 x 10 Color illus.
Appendices Biblio. Index
ISBN: 1-58980-235-7

“Jamlady is at your side every step of the way, with history, cautions . . . and a sense of good taste.”
–from the forewordFor years, visitors to Chicagoland farmers’ markets have counted on Jamlady’s impressive selection of jams and jellies to add excitement to meals. This cookbook puts a dazzling array of foods often thought of as mere condiments front and center, within reach of even those home cooks with basic skills, limited time, and access to simple ingredients.Sections include discussion of processing methods and troubleshooting; definitions of and the distinctions between jellies, jams, preserves, butters, marmalades, conserves, spreads, and chutneys; recipes for jellies, jams, and preserves; recipes for baking with jams; recipes for butters; an appendix on the approximate pH of foods and pH measurement, including a pH chart; a buyer’s guide; and a bibliography.Advanced recipes and methods teach more experienced canners the savory and sweet secrets to creating their own fine preserves. The extensive baking section and serving suggestions offer ideas on how to best showcase these preserved and enhanced flavors. Jamlady’s decades of research and experimentation have culminated in this impressive volume, destined to become a dog-eared classic in the pantheon of cooking manuals.About the Author
Beverly Ellen Schoonmaker Alfeld has a B.A. and M.F.A. in art and an M.A. in theoretical design. Raised in a commercial-nursery/greenhouse family, she has completed the school of instruction in food processing prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration and has completed advanced coursework in the fields of education, administration, and school law. Ms. Alfeld is an academic performance specialist with twenty-three years’ experience in K-12, university, and junior-college classrooms; a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution; and the founder of the Donald L. Schoonmaker Scholarship Fund. She also works as an advocate for special-needs children.

Pickles to Relish

By Beverly Ellen Schoonmaker Alfeld COOKING / Methods / Canning & Preserving 192 pp. 8 x 10 75 color photos Index ISBN: 1-58980-489-9 EAN: 978-1-58980-489-0

“Bev Alfeld shows her reader how to add pizazz to food, as pickling enhances the essence of an ingredient. This book offers a myriad of exciting concepts, food preservation, the history of self-survival through fermentation, the field of culinology, and of course, healthy food education.” Charlie Trotter, owner, Charlie Trotter’s Restaurant”This richly varied book is packed with recipes for experts, novices, scientists alike . . . But this is first and foremost a cookbook with an staggering assortment of carefully and simply written recipes.
” Inmamaskitchen.comMore than just a cookbook, this encyclopedic guide seeks to teach methods of applying the many concepts of cooking to our everyday lives. From pickles and relishes to chutneys and sauces, the process of food preservation is thoroughly demonstrated.Educating each person on how to safely preserve their own foodstuffs at home is the foundation of Pickles to Relish. Using this model, hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes, techniques, and tips for the home canner are presented. Also featured are in-depth explanations on how home-preservation can offer economic, social, and health benefits.Its ease of use and wide array of information lends itself to a broad audience. From novice to professional chef, this guide is designed for use by anyone. Recipes that teach how to make pickles in plastic baggies for a single serving are alongside recipes with detailed pH instructions for the more difficult applications.About the Author
Beverly Ellen Schoonmaker Alfeld is dedicated to educating home cooks on how to safely preserve their own foods. She is proud to have completed the school of instruction in food processing prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration. She has also completed advanced coursework in the fields of education, administration, and school law. Alfeld is the author of The Jamlady Cookbook, also published by Pelican.

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  • Reading your Jamlady Cookbook and have recommended it to 3 canning groups on Facebook. Thank you for a wonderful and informative book! Thank you for being from Illinois. Thank you for having a BA and A MFA in art….. just like me!

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